What is Daystar College?

Daystar College is 2 to 4 year program partnered with Lee University to offer several different Bachelor degree options: Bible & Theology, Christian Studies, Ministry Leadership, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Liberal Studies. Combined with this, students will be immersed in the culture of Daystar Church and gain practical ministry experience.

When can I apply?

Daystar College offers rolling admission meaning that you are able to apply to either the Spring or Fall semesters.

How do I apply?

You may submit your application HERE.

How are students set up for success in the classroom?

Faculty & staff are always willing to meet one-on-one with students outside of classroom hours. Faculty is available for students struggling academically and staff is available for students who need pastoral counseling.

Can students get a degree at Daystar College?

Yes! Students attending Daystar College can earn their Bachelors Degree through our partnership with Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee via the Division of Adult Learning. This partnership between Lee University and Daystar College allows students a half-off tuition discount.

What is parallel-enrollment?

Parallel-enrollment refers to students who are enrolled in Daystar College and Lee University.

Can a student continue their education after Daystar College with another school?

Students who completed classes through Lee University will have the option to transfer those credits and continue their education at another school following Daystar College if they so choose.

Is there a GPA requirement?

Students attending Daystar College are required to maintain an academic GPA of 2.0 required by Lee University for the Division of Adult Learning.

Will students have to drive a lot?

Yes, students in Daystar College will have the opportunity to travel to different campuses for various hands-on training experiences.

What does community look like at Daystar College?

Daystar College is a big family. We encourage students to get to know each other through various student life events, small groups, and extra-curricular activities.

What does the application process look like?

Each student must fill out an online application at Once that is complete, the Daystar College team will reach out to schedule a video or in person interview.  If a student is accepted, they must also apply to Lee University and be accepted by them to be fully accepted at Daystar College.

What does a typical schedule look like?

Daystar College will operate four days a week where students will be immersed in the culture of Daystar Church, gain practical ministry experience and work towards a bachelors degree from Lee University. Students will have Friday’s and Saturday’s off. In addition to this, students will be required to serve on Sunday’s at Daystar Church as part of their course requirements.

Do I get to focus on a certain ministry track?

Yes. Each student will have the opportunity to focus on either Kids, Students, Creative, Production, Missions, Worship, or Pastoral Tracks. However, throughout the duration of your time at Daystar College, you will gain experience in more than one track.

Does the college offer financial aid or student loans?

Because Lee University is a regionally accredited institution, its partnership with Daystar College enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid. To be eligible for such funding, the student must file an Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as a FAFSA and maintain 12 credit hours each semester.

Will I need a laptop computer?

Yes, a laptop will be important to your experience as a student.


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